Aug 052016

Another postcard from my trial Staycation  —  Check out the shorter postcards on our Facebook page; post your own there!

turtle pond

Turtle Pond at the Habitat


This was a day with friends. I took a nature walk (check out our Maps section for local trail maps), and took a bus and subway to get to an event in Boston  (check or a public transport app for schedules):

  • Habitat: We had an out-of-town guest, and brought her to the Habitat in the morning to enjoy a longer walk. We took a very long route to Turtle Pond, passing through the Fern Trail and Red Maple Swamp trail and Border trail.  It was stunning, with several sightings of the black swallowtail butterfly, and lots of opportunity for both conversation and silence.  There were even more turtles and frogs at the pond than earlier in the week, and they put on quite a show.  There was another young family there, the toddler enjoying nearby grasses and flowers, the older boy looking near and far at the inhabitants of the pond.
  • Shakespeare on the Common: We took the bus to Harvard Square, then the subway to Park Street to meet friends from Newton for a picnic on Boston Common. We walked past historic statues to find a place to spread out our blankets and enjoyed homemade treats as we caught up on everyone’s adventures.  I was glad I brought a little back support, and was amused to see so many Pokemon Go players. The play, Love’s Labor Lost,was a fun comedy with lots of  typically Shakespearean plot twists and masked identities, then it suddenly got much more serious at the very end.  Afterwards, it was a pleasant evening to be taking the T and bus back home.

It’s great to be in a place with so many ever-changing nature trails as well as good public transportation into a thriving city.



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