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On the Monday of my trial Staycation I enjoyed walks and bike rides around my neighborhood, then I tried two new activities and one old favorite:

  • It was hot, but I rode my bike from the Winn Brook neighborhood past the Beech Street Center to Trapelo Road and checked out the gourmet food shop Art’s Specialities.  I met the owner, Artur, who tempted me with their jugs of specialty vinegars and oils.  He decanted some black walnut vinegar for me, which I look forward to drizzling on locally grown lettuce.  I bought a bar of chocolate, some cranberry crackers for our family, and some Armenian string cheese, something I haven’t enjoyed in ages!
  • I also really enjoyed discovering the evening class “Yoga Flow” at Groundwork Yoga and Wellness behind Studio Cinema on Trapelo Road.  I followed their directions to the GPS location “12 Maple Street”. I took advantage of their $25 program for new customer to take unlimited classes for 2 weeks. I hadn’t done any yoga for over a year and it really felt good to challenge myself with some new sequences, ending with my own variation of the “Bird of Paradise” pose!   I was curious to try the morning Hatha Yoga class some day, and I look forward to seeing Groundwork teachers lead a kids yoga class at the Staycation picnic on August 13.
  • rancs (1)Finally, I stopped at Ranc’s for a micro cup of mocha chip frozen yogurt — yum! There were quite a few folks of all ages out on the sidewalk and sitting on the Fenway benches at 9:00 p.m, but  the line was not as long as I’ve seen it in the past. Later in the week we went back for more!

As I was riding along, I met several neighbors. The young girls started planning how they would “Meet New Friends” for their passport.  The dog-walker neighbor talked about seeing a young fawn and some wild turkeys hiking at Lone Tree Hill recently.

It was a fun day,


P.S. Here are two  Staycation postcards from  Irene Fairley, who enjoyed the beautiful insect visitors to her drought-resistant garden!  Check the BCF Facebook page for more postcards, and post your own to be eligible for the Staycation Raffle prizes September 3.



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