Bike Path Barrier Study


In summer 2013, BCF director Vince Stanton Jr. and BCF intern Leah Brahms surveyed the barriers abutters have erected between their properties and the Minuteman Bikeway. They found that more than 30 percent of abutting owners of homes, multi-family houses and apartments, and commercial and government buildings do not have any barrier at all between their properties and the bike path, and 45 percent have only a chain-link fence. Below are two sets of data from the report: a detailed table displaying the findings by building type, and a graph showing the elevation of buildings along the trail.

Read the article about the research in the November/December 2013  Newsletter.

Download a Powerpoint file of  a complete set of  Minuteman Bikeway barrier graphs and tables, including several figures that were not published in the Newsletter.

For an Excel spreadsheet of the raw data, email


Minuteman Bikeway Barrier Table

Minuteman Abutter Elevations



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