Mission Statement
  1. To preserve and protect buildings, objects, open space, and districts in the town of Belmont that have historical, architectural, environmental, or general cultural significance
  2. To disseminate information about, and promote interest in, the historical, architectural, environmental, and general cultural heritage of the Town of Belmont and its vicinity.
  3. To create public awareness and interest in traffic and public safety issues, as they relate to Belmont and surrounding communities.
  4. To promote interest in the preservation and protection of environmental resources.
  5. To educate the public and community leaders about the environmental importance of open space and the necessity of continuing community participation and oversight in proposed development projects.
Board of Directors

Grant Monahon — President
John Dieckmann — Vice President
Radha Iyengar — Treasurer
Evanthia Malliris — Secretary
Sumner Brown
David Chase
Anne-Marie Lambert
Vince Stanton

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