Jul 102017

A Project of Belmont Staycation 2016

by Anne-Marie Lambert

Now that the drought is officially over, Belmont Citizens Forum requested that a new lilac bush be planted on the Town Green by Wellington Station. This was the wish of the top winner of our Belmont Staycation 2016 raffle, who was sad to see a dying lilac bush on her walks by the Green.

Michael Santoro photo.

We are grateful to the Board of Selectmen, who accepted the donation of a replacement bush on May 15, and to Mike Santoro’s team at the Department of Public Works, who planted the bush on June 1. Other 2016 Staycation prizewinners enjoyed a “Belmont Rocks” tee shirt donated by Champion’s, gift certificates to Ranc’s and Groundwork Yoga, and the book Birds of North America by Belmont author Chandler S. Robbins.

While we don’t have a formal 2017 Staycation program, we hope readers take time to plan their own this summer. We’d love to hear your stories and ideas about what Belmont has to offer, about reading local authors, or about planting trees in places that mean something to you. Every bit of vegetation counts; every avoided airplane trip is a plus.

Anne-Marie Lambert is a board member of Belmont Citizens Forum.


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