Apr 082016
Belmont Citizens Forum
4th Annual Lone Tree Hill Volunteer Day
Rain or Shine!
Saturday, May 14, 9 am­1 pm

On Saturday, May 14, from 9 am­–1 pm, the Belmont Citizens Forum is sponsoring our fourth annual Lone Tree Hill Volunteer Day, and we invite you to participate—rain or shine!

This year, we are having two different work sites, one to spread wood chips along the Pine Allee, and a second to clean up the trash along South Pleasant Street, in the area across from Star Market and Artefact Home and Garden.

Pine Allee Work

If you’d like to work on the Pine Allee, meet at the green-and-white “Belmont Bikes” Belmont Citizens Forum tent in the Lone Tree Hill parking lot on Mill Street. Thanks to Habitat, we will have wheelbarrows and tools available to move and spread the wood chips along the entire length of the Allee. The Judith K. Record Memorial Conservation Fund is currently funding a project at the Allee, which is removing trees that are either diseased or not viable in some other way and replacing them.

Trash Cleanup at South Pleasant Street

If you’d like to work on the much-needed trash removal along South Pleasant Street, meet at the Belmont Citizens Forum table with the blue-and-white banner at the bottom to the Coal Road, basically opposite the Star Market. Star Market has generously given us permission for volunteers to park at the Pleasant Street end of their lot.

Students Earn Community Service Credits

High school and middle school students can earn community service credits—check in at the Belmont Citizens Forum tent or table, and make sure we sign off on your work. We recommend that children under the age of 12 be accompanied by an adult.

We recommend that children under 12 years old be accompanied by an adult. We suggest wearing closed shoes, long sleeves and long pants to protect against potential sensitivities to plants and insects. Bring gloves, bug spray, and a water bottle.

About Lone Tree Hill

There are 88 acres of public open space on Belmont Hill. Called Lone Tree Hill, this Belmont Conservation Land is open to all and is stewarded through a public/private partnership by the Town of Belmont and the Land Management Committee along with the nonprofit Judith K. Record Memorial Conservation Fund.

Visit belmontcitizensforum.org for details, or e-mail us at bcfprogramdirector@gmail.com.

We look forward to seeing you!



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