Sep 162015
Clean stones on the left contrast with unwashed stones on the right / Evanthia Malliris

Bridge cleaning in progress: clean stones on the left contrast with unwashed stones on the right. / Evanthia Malliris

By Grant Monahon

After many years and the efforts of many residents and businesses, Belmont’s 100 year old granite bridge has been cleaned.

The project, initiated by Angelo Firenze when he was a selectman, has been undertaken without public funds. The cleaning was commplished with a combination of town-wide professional support and generous donations to the Belmont Citizens Forum from many residents and  businesses, including the Belmont Center Business Association, The Belmont Savings Bank Foundation, and the Flett Co.

The hard work of actually removing the dirt and grime has been possible through the perseverance and energy of Dante Muzzioli, as contractor, with technical advice from Lisa Harrington as a representative of the Belmont Historic District Commission. A new, bright façade on the bridge will match well with the improvements now underway in Belmont Center. Although there may still be a few hard to clean stains yet to be removed, we are now looking at the bridge through the eyes of our forefathers!

The Belmont Citizens Forum is pleased that so many residents have responded to its requests for support. We would like to thank the following corporate donors for their support:

2011 – 2012 donations

Avan Transportation

Belmont Savings Bank

Cathy’s Beauty Salon

Doctoroff Insurance Agency

Dupont Real Estate Inc

F.E. French Construction

Lawndale Realty

Locatelli’s Properties LLC

Marcou Jewelers of Belmont

Pictures in Music

Precision Tile & Marble

VDH design

Watertown Savings Bank

Waverly Auto Exchange

Willows Child Care Academy

2015 donations

Belmont Savings Bank

Belmont Center Business Association

Belmont Citizens Forum

James W. Flett Company, Inc

Anonymous donor $10000

Mark Paolillo has generously agreed to pay water fees for this project.

For a complete list of contributors to the bridge cleaning, visit

Grant Monahon is President of the Belmont Citizens Forum.


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